With Harrington’s stunning Carpet Tile flooring, you are just one step away from a unique and aesthetic space. Along with modular functionality, our Nylon and PP Carpet Tiles prove to be the most efficient and effective flooring for your space. From ultimate comfort to eye-pleasing modern designs, we provide you with the most innovative flooring solutions!

Durability for Life

Made with the most durable fibers, Nylon Carpet Tiles are an optimum flooring solution for all types of premises. They are also popularly known for their efficient stain resistance and ability to withstand heavy footfall.

Simplicity with Elegance

Widely known for their aesthetic appearance, PP Carpet Tiles are an efficient and practical flooring solution for your premise. These carpet tiles come in various unique designs and patterns.


At Harrington, we strongly believe in providing what best suits our client’s tastes and preferences. To motivate this, we offer our clients different creative approaches while choosing carpet flooring for their premises. One of these is our VR approach, where our clients can virtually visit and see how their space would look with our different designs and carpet patterns. This undoubtedly helps our clients through their decision-making, and it also helps us to understand our clients’ choices better.

When it comes to buying carpet tile flooring for a premise, we continuously strive to make decision-making easier for our clients. To contribute to this, we provide our clients with carpet layout designing services where they can explore different patterns and designs for their space. Our vast collection of pre-designed Nylon and PP carpet tile patterns also help our clients to create their preferences in the best possible ways.
Since both our Nylon and PP Carpet Tiles are made from solid and substantial materials, they prove to be a one-time durable flooring solution for all types of spaces. Along with high performance, their sturdy structure also ensures their ability to withstand heavy footfall in busy places for an extended period of time. Carpet Tiles are an ideal choice to make because, unlike their traditional alternatives, they are certainly easy to maintain and install too.
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