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Inspired by a fusion of style and modernism, this theme infuses your space with a contemporary twist, while its cohesive pattern enhances its overall aesthetic appeal. 

Carpet Tile- Pixel | Carpet Tiles By Harrington India
Carpet Tile- Pixel | Carpet Tiles By Harrington India


Carpet Tile- Pixel | Carpet Tiles By Harrington India
Carpet Tile- Pixel | Carpet Tiles By Harrington India


Description: Pixel
Product Construction: Tufted High & Low loop
Face Yarn: 100% Solution Dyed Universal Nylon 6
Gauge: 1/10 Inch
Stiches: 11 Per Inch
Pile Weight: 710 g/m2 (21 oz/yd2)
Pile Thickness: 2.5 mm – 5.5 mm (±0.5 mm)
Total Thickness: 7.5 mm (± 0.5 mm)
Backing: PVC Free E-Bac
Tile Size: 50 cm x 50 cm
Packing: 20 Pieces/Carton (53.8 sqft)
Flammability: Passes (ASTM E648-10) Class 1
Smoke Density: Passes (ASTM 662)
Static Propensity: Passes AATCC-134
Installation Metdod:  Illusion Installation Method

Tips for Maintenance

1. Controlling Soil with Entrance Mats:

  • Utilizing appropriate flooring mats at building entrances, both outside and inside, effectively contains soil from entering high-traffic areas.
  • Mats strategically placed in other high-traffic zones further aid in reducing soil transfer.

2. Vacuuming for Soil and Dust Removal:

  • Vacuuming is the cornerstone of any maintenance program focused on removing surface soil and dust.
  • Regular vacuuming helps prevent soil buildup and maintains cleanliness.

3. Swift Spill Cleanup to Prevent Stains:

  • Immediate cleanup of spills is essential to minimize the risk of permanent stains.
  • Prompt action reduces the impact of spills on flooring and surfaces.

4. Interim Cleaning for Prolonged Cleanliness:

  • Various methods of interim cleaning can be employed to extend the intervals between more intensive cleaning sessions.
  • Scheduled interim cleaning contributes to maintaining cleanliness and appearance.

5. Restorative Cleaning Methods:

  • Deep cleaning methods like hot water extraction and encapsulation effectively remove embedded soils.
  • Restorative cleaning revitalizes surfaces and restores them to a cleaner state.

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