The Ultimate Carpet Tiles Guide

Harrington Nova Carpet tile

The Ultimate Carpet Tiles Guide

The Ultimate Guide For Carpet Tiles

Thinking of revamping your floors? Carpet tiles offer a unique and beginner friendly option. But before you dive in, let’s explore the amazing world of carpet tiles, their pros and cons, the different types of carpet tiles at Harrington and how you can maintain them. 

Pros Of Carpet Tiles:

  • Unlike normal carpets, carpet tiles come individually and in smaller sizes, most commonly in a 50 x 50 and 25 x 100 centimeter options.  
  • Carpet tiles are generally more affordable than office tiles. Also, since you can replace individual tiles, if there is breakage, you only need to replace one tile.  
  • High quality carpet tiles can withstand heavy footfall and they are very durable. Nylon carpet tiles last for 12 years and Polypropylene tiles last for 4-5 years which makes these carpet tiles a perfect fit for all types of spaces. 
  • If you need to shift offices, you just need to remove the tiles and take them with you to your new location. They can be used in your new commercial space. 

Cons Of Carpet Tiles:

  • Normal carpets can hide uneven flooring. Carpet tiles require smooth and levelled flooring for a professional look. 

Different Types Of Materials:

  • Nylon- Nylon tiles are popularly known for their ability to withstand heavy footfall and their stain resistant nature.  
  • Premium Nylon- Premium nylon tiles have all the same features as regular nylon, but it has a more premium feel, superior performance and durability as compared to it. 
  • Polypropylene- Polypropylene tiles are generally a more budget-friendly choice. They are popular for their aesthetic appearances. 

Loop Types:

  • Multi-level loop/ Tufted High & Low Loop- Multi level lopped carpet tiles have multiple different levels which makes it an uneven surface. They create a textured and patterned effect. The main issue with multi-level loops is that dirt gets trapped very easily. 
  • Level loop- Level looped carpet tiles are smooth and levelled. Level loops are easier to clean as they prevent most dirt from entering them. 

Maintaining Carpet Tiles:

  • Carpet tiles should be vacuumed at least once a week. This removes the regular dust accumulation which can cause damage to the carpets. 
  • Spills should be addressed as soon as possible using a cleaning liquid and a clean absorbent cloth. 
  • Deep cleaning of the carpet tiles should be done at least twice a year. This can be done by steam cleaning or hot water extraction. 
  • Entrance mats should be used to trap dust particles and moisture before reaching the carpet tiles. 

Convenient Installation Tips:

  • Measure your rooms area properly and leave an extra 5-10% buffer for waste. 
  • First you should dry-lay the tiles on to your desired positions before actually installing them. Doing this will prevent you from making errors while installing them. 

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