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What Are The Carpet Tiles? Why Should You Choose Them?

Carpet tiles, also known as modular carpets or carpet squares, are simply just pre-cut squares of carpet. They are systematically put together to make carpet tile flooring. What makes them quite durable and versatile is their ability to withstand heavy traffic. They are carefully built with premium quality materials that are meant to make them last for a very long period. These tiles come in a lot of different designs and patterns to choose from. This type of flooring is very beneficial for places that experience heavy footfall.

Choose the right carpet tile for your Workspace.

As you know, carpet tiles are specially pre-cut square tiles of carpet, specifically designed in a way to create attractive flooring when put together. These tiles are adhered together in a particular way to create a unique and attractive pattern of carpet Squares. This carpet flooring is often put in a very systematic way. Once put most appropriately, these tiles turn out to be very attractive. Before choosing the right carpet squares for your space, a lot of things are supposed to be kept in mind. Some of the topmost things to consider are –

Color and Pattern – Different colors are blended in different types of patterns, such as checker or mosaic, to create more unique looks. This pattern and colors are also carefully chosen in such a way that they end up matching the interior of the space.

Durability – Different types of carpet tiles are suitable for different amounts of footfall. If your space experiences heavy footfall, then you are recommended to go for the Nylon carpet tiles. On the other hand, if your space experiences a moderate level of footfall, then you can also go for the PP carpet tiles.

Location – The place where you wish to install carpet tiles plays an important role in choosing the right type. If you are planning to install carpet tiles in a water-prone area, such as a bathroom, or an open area such as a lawn, you are recommended to buy the Nylon carpet tile. It is also highly recommended to get them installed by a professional team. In normal dry areas like a playroom or a workspace, you can buy any of them both and do it yourself too.

What are the benefits of installing carpet tiles?

Versatile – Carpet tiles are a very flexible product. They are quite easy to handle in tiny places. They can be quickly installed across big spaces as well. Since this product can be trimmed down to the exact needed size, it can be used without damaging the flooring. Carpet Square also comes with various unique and appealing features, designs, shapes, and materials.

Durability – Carpet Tiles are generally renowned for their incredible ability to withstand heavy traffic and usage. This is all due to their premium quality material and strong build. The greatest part of this aspect is that the durability of the product stays, even if the customer ends up personalizing it to their preference. So no matter which design or pattern you buy, it will last for a long period.

Easy to install – One of the most interesting features of carpet tiles is the freedom to install them by yourself. Since they can be purchased in small sections, hence they are made in a way that they can be easily stored, carried, and handled. This is possible only because of its modular carpet tile design and convenient installation facility.

Permanent stain resistance – These tiles are built with such unique materials that they can provide permanent resistance against stains and spots. So any stains or spots on the carpet tiles can be washed off with great ease.

Bleach resistance – Since any buyer chooses their product while keeping the color combinations of carpet tiles in mind, it becomes quite important to maintain those colors. To do so, both Nylon and PP carpet tiles come with the ability to resist any kind of bleaching.

Fast drying with no peculiar smell – Since water and carpet tiles do not go hand-in-hand, it is very important to keep them as dry as possible at all times, especially after performing spot treatment. This is why both these tiles come with fast-drying properties. They are also quite beneficial as they leave no aftersmell whatsoever.

What are the types of carpet tiles?

Nylon – The Nylon carpet tiles by Harrington offer average durability from 8 to 15 years. The material that they are made from is carefully chosen. This is the reason why they can withstand heavy traffic for a very long time. Even the color of Nylon carpet tiles does not start to fade for a very long time. The Nylon carpet tiles give a very attractive appearance to the entire space. They also stay up-straight vertical for a very long period. This type of carpet tile is quite easy to clean.

PP – The PP carpet tiles by Harrington have limited durability. They stay intact roughly for 2-3 years, and then shortly after, their color starts to fade. Just like the nylon carpet tile, the PP carpet tile also gives a very attractive look to the entire space. However, PP tiles start to flatten after a few months of usage. This type of carpet tile fails to withstand heavy traffic for a very long period because it starts to tear out shortly after usage.

Harrington by Euronics is an entire range of both, Nylon and PP carpet tiles. These tiles come with a lot of unique benefits. If you are looking for a newer and better replacement for your old and traditional flooring, then both Nylon and PP tiles are very good choices to make. As mentioned before, they come with a lot of benefits. Along with these, they have great durability. They are also crush-resistant. Since these can be installed by the buyers themselves, they become quite convenient and energy-saving too.

One of the most interesting features of these carpet tiles is the freedom to install them by yourself. This is possible only because of their modular carpet tile design and convenient installation facility. Carpet tiles can be purchased in small sections. Hence they are made in a way that they can be easily stored, carried, and handled. These tiles are also the better choices to make as they have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

How to install carpet tiles?

Traditional carpeting has always been a very tough task to do. It requires sharpness and precision to carry out its installation process. On the other hand, carpet tile is quite inexpensive and easy to install as an alternative to traditional carpet. Carpet tiles are cut into square shapes. They are very lightweight and are installed piece by piece with any glue or adhesive. With the help of a few tools, anybody can install carpet tile flooring in their entire space. This entire process usually takes very little time and is comparatively faster than the traditional ones.

Carpet tiles can be installed by following some very simple steps. These steps include –

Tools and materials – Firstly, it is necessary to list down all the tools and types of equipment you need to carry out this process. Along with glue, measuring tape, and marking sketch, this includes the carpet tiles cut down in the desired shapes and sizes too.

Prepare the subfloor – Before starting the process of sticking the pre-cut carpet tiles, it is important to prepare the floor. You can do so by marking the floor with the desired dimensions of your carpet tile. It is advised to use a marking sketch to make the map as it can be easily erased and redesigned.

Measure and draw guidelines – During the preparation of your subfloor, it is advised to carefully measure the size and shape of your pre-cut carpet tile. It is said so because this will help you in planning out the perfect guidelines for your carpet flooring. To do this, you can use a measuring tape and a marking sketch.

Plan the carpet tile layout – It is quite important to plan the layout of your carpet flooring. This is to be done to avoid mixing up the design. Every carpet tile is marked with arrows which help the user in putting them in the desired pattern. So a customer can simply make a pattern out of the given arrows and stick the carpet tiles accordingly.

Install the carpet tiles – Carpet tiles are supposed to be installed in a very systematic manner. When it comes to installing these, it is not advised to start right from the edges. Firstly, you should start with the center area. After installing the center carpet tiles, you should start installing carpet tiles in each quadrant.

Trim the carpet tiles – Rarely is any room shaped like a perfect square. Most rooms require trimming of the carpet tiles towards the edge. You should always do this with the help of a measuring tape to avoid mixing up the dimensions.

Roll the floor – Once you have installed all your carpet tiles, they will need to be rolled over. This procedure ensures that there are no air pockets left between the carpet tiles. It also helps in adhering them firmly to the floor.

How to maintain carpet tiles?

Maintaining carpet tiles is a very important yet easy task. Just like standard carpets, carpet tile flooring also requires vacuuming at frequent intervals. In case of a spill or damage to a particular area, the carpet tile can always be replaced with a new one or relocated to a covered area.

Ways To Maintain –

Vacuum – Vacuum your carpet tiles regularly, at least once a week, and more often, depending on foot traffic. Only consistency and proper technique will lead to effective vacuuming.

Spot treatment – When performing spot treatment, you should always apply your cleaning solution directly to the cloth and never to the carpet tile. Even when doing so, you should always put water on the spot first. You should start from the edges of the spot and then move towards the center. After getting rid of the spot, it is important to keep that particular area as dry as possible.

Annual cleaning – Carpet tile flooring requires a fixed cleaning session annually. This is done to ensure that the carpet tiles have not absorbed too much moisture during the cleaning process. This can be scheduled for every 8 to 12 months, depending on the rate of usage and dirt build-up on the tiles.

Why Choose Harrington By Euronics?

At Harrington, we have a large range of carpet tile designs that can be customized as per the buyer’s taste and interests. Our carpet tiles are highly versatile and can be used without taking up too much of your energy. The premium material we use is quite strong, which contributes to the product’s long lifespan. Our carpet tiles are also versatile in terms of style and nature, as well as being simple to install. They may also be easily kept and handled.

To offer a better carpet flooring experience to each of our customers, we provide a unique VR approach where they can visually see how their space would look with our products.

Carpet tiles are the greatest decision to make if you want to give a lasting but stylish look to your room. These tiles are incredibly cost-effective and efficient, in addition to being easy to install. The warm and comforting texture of our carpet tiles will make you feel right at home.

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